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We Are Jonny BadGood Productions.

Who We Are.

Our stories are full of passion because our people are full of purpose. That’s why people are listening to our narrative and engaging with our work. We bring meaningful and authentic moments to the screen and we are never afraid to take a risk. We bring joy to your work environment and excitement to every project because we truly believe in the work we create and the stories we tell. 

Gang's All Here.

Walter Miller

Head of Security

Walter joined Jonny BadGood Productions in 2018 and has received a bachelor’s degree in being a good boy and is working on his masters this fall. Walter is in charge of studio security, morale and mandatory exercise breaks to keep our team healthy and active. He keeps our floors clean of food and also assists in client relations and holds the record for consecutive employee of the month awards. His favorite activities include running, swimming, frisbees, laser chasing and snuggling.

Meet The Team.

Jonny Miller

Executive Director

Jonny has become one of the fastest growing directors, content creators and storytellers in Dallas, because ‘good enough’ is not an option. Exceeding client expectations is his goal and he strives to make every project greater and better than the last. Jonny earned a bachelors of fine arts in photography and minors in film production and art history at Missouri State University. He started Jonny BadGood Productions in 2016 after freelancing and working full-time for some of the best photographers and directors in the industry as a DP and camera operator. His client list now includes Toyota, American Airlines, Nike, PepsiCo, to name a few. Jonny’s success in storytelling comes from extensive knowledge of the craft and ability to tap into the depth of a client’s wants, needs and goals. When not directing, photographing or filming, you can find him going to the park with his dog Walter.

Chris Whitten

Executive Producer

As an Executive Producer, Chris most enjoys the satisfaction of creating lasting relationships with clients. Responsible for overseeing, coordinating, supervising and controlling all aspects of the production process — including creative, content creation, financial, technological and administrative — Chris is the one who ensures that a client’s project remains on schedule, on budget and most importantly, that it effectively conveys the story it was intended to communicate. Throughout his career, Chris has worked with a number of leading companies and brands, including Toyota, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, American Airlines, Nike, Dell and Frito-Lay, to name but a few. He has also worked in house at Saatchi & Saatchi as a content creator on the Domestic Olympic social media brand campaign and has an in-depth working knowledge of all things Toyota and Olympics. His work has taken him all around the world. Chris holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. A native Texan, Chris hails from Nacogdoches and currently lives in Dallas. In his free time, he enjoys Crossfit.

Adam Kaiser


After 15 years working in film production I can confidently describe the role of a producer.  You make it happen regardless what gets thrown your way. The word no doesn't exist and each shoot is a set of challenges and limitations just waiting to be met and conquered. Keeping the director and clients vision on track requires clear, honest communication and a level of empathetic understanding on par with a buddhist monk. In my younger days I spent 3 years abroad serving in the Peace Corps.  The resilience and dedication it takes to land in a country where you don’t speak the language and are unfamiliar with the culture all the while having to assemble differing groups to accomplish a unified goal has allowed me to navigate film productions with a calm demeanor and a wicked sense of humor. Producing isn’t a job, it’s a calling for those who have to give it their all on each project then wake up yearning for the next one.

Annie Cadenhead

Production Manager

As the production manager at Jonny BadGood Productions, Annie insures that all logistical aspects of every project are handled and keeps the team on track. She works closely with our producers, clients and director to make sure needs are met and problems solved. Her organizational skills and project management experience at Hari Mari and TJ Maxx have helped her navigate the creative world as she continues to find new ways to support our clients and team.  

Shaun Falcone

Director of Photography (DP) / Archivist

Over an almost two decade career Shaun Falcone’s experience covers a broad range of projects and styles. Shaun’s specialty is combining technical expertise and creative vision to design production and post production workflows that make sense in a constantly changing environment.  Early experience as an editor and visual effects artist on television shows (Barney and Friends, Bob the Builder, Jimmy Neutron) led to a role as Creative Production Manager at the Dallas Cowboys and the launch of a 24 hour network dedicated to one of the most valuable sports franchise in the world. As a producer in the film world, his most notable successes include the 2014 short “Dig” (Sundance, SXSW, Ashland) and the 2011 viral hit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles online short “Fight the Foot” (3+ million views). As a visual storyteller, Shaun is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild who has worked alongside more than thirty current A.S.C.s and three Academy Award winners for Best Cinematography (Dion Beebe, Janusz Kaminski, and Mauro Fiore). Shaun has also worked in the camera department on TV series including NBC’s “Timeless”, HBO’s “The Leftovers”, and Hulu’s “11/22/63”, and pilots for HBO, ABC, and FOX including “Made for Love”, “Last Summer”, and “The Gifted”

Matt Johanningmeier

Editor / Designer

As a well-rounded visual content creator, Matthew brings authenticity and enthusiasm to whatever he puts his hands on. As a gigging and touring musician in his teens and early twenties, he learned the value of collaboration and experimentation in an active team setting - those qualities carried with him as he transitioned into a career in video production. Matthew has been editing and creating visual content in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and other various software programs for five years. He has a degree in Audio Recording Technology and regularly adds his own sound design to projects using Logic Pro X, Adobe Audition, and even manipulating raw elements and found sounds within Adobe Premiere to accentuate visual elements with strong audio treatment. In his short career, Matthew has already worked with well-known brands such as AT&T, Frito Lay, Nissan, Toyota, American Airlines, and music artists such as Lionel Richie and multi-Grammy nominated Tauren Wells.

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